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How To Assemble The Perfect Wedding Invitation

So you are planning for the biggest day of your life, and you have already decided on those select few (or hundred) guests that will be attending your magnificent wedding. The stage is set, the date has been chosen, and you have a massive amount of invitations just begging to be sent out. Exactly how do you put together a classy invitation fit for your wedding? Where do you begin?

Here are some materials that you’ll need to put together a formal wedding invitation:

  • The actual wedding invitation itself
  • Tissue Paper
  • Reception Cards announcing the location and details of your reception
  • Response Cards
  • Response Envelopes stamped and labeled with a return address
  • Directions/map cards
  • Inner Envelopes
  • Outer Envelopes
Now that you have all of these materials, just follow this simple six step guide and get started on those wedding invitations!

Make sure the Outer Envelopes are addressed and stamped before assembling. This way there won’t be any awkward indentations on the wedding invitation. Make sure to write out all state names, and words like “street”, “boulevard” and “avenue”. The Outer Envelopes should be addressed to the entire household in which it is being sent.
For the Inner Envelopes, address those SPECIFICALLY invited to the wedding from each household. Usually, if there are no children, or if the children are not invited to the wedding, “Mr.____ and Mrs. ____” would suffice. If their children are invited to the wedding, list their names by age beneath the names of the parents.
Make sure you do this step for all Inner and Outer Envelopes before moving to step two, and keep them organized in pairs so nothing will get misplaced.

Insert the wedding invitation into the Inner Envelope, with the front of the invitation facing the open flap of the envelope. If this invitation is folded, everything else will go inside of the invitation in the following order. If the invitation is a single card, everything else will go on top of the invitation.

Place the Tissue Paper over the invitation to cover the print, and place the Reception Card on top of the tissue with the wording facing the open flap of the envelope.

Tuck the Response Card (with the print facing towards you) inside the open flap of the Response Envelope and place this on top of the Reception Card. Make sure the Response Envelope is stamped and that it has the return address already printed on the envelope.

Place the Directions/Map card on top of the Response Envelope. If there are separate directions for the ceremony and the reception, make sure that the directions to the ceremony are on top of the directions to the reception.

Close the UNSEALED and UNTUCKED Inner Envelope and place it inside of the Outer Envelope so that the invited guests’ names are facing the open flap. You may seal the Outer Envelope with a personal seal or something decorative, but this is optional. After you seal the Outer Envelope, make sure it is stamped and you’re ready for the next one!

With these 6 easy steps, you’ll have your wedding invitations finished and sent out to your guests in no time. Not only will it make it easier for you by following these simple steps, but your invitations will have a classy appeal that everyone will be talking about until the big day.

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